Movie Night Convo… Everlasting Summer

There was to be an ‘End of Summer Soiree’ at the end of the day. We were excited.

I knew that I wanted to paint a wave for my last video post but I needed to know EXACTLY how it worked before I could make a video (last post) explaining how to do it. No biggie… The problem when you marry someone like me is that…


Husband: “Will you be ready by 5 tonight to go?”

Me: “Yes. Of Course … Can’t wait!” (Husband leaves for work)…


Husband: (walks in) “Hey! Ready Dudes?”

Me: (sobbing; child still PJ clad; Dylan records playing) No! I must figure out exactly how a freakin’ wave works!

Husband: “Okay…cool” (Changes kid into clothes, makes dinner, takes picture) “Looks good. By the way, Is that a ‘Chip Clip’ in your hair?”
wave paintings
Yes, I have spent all day painting waves…that no one would care about…. NO ONE…. would care if I didn’t know how a wave worked before we went out. The fact that I couldn’t figure out EXACTLY how to do it was so freakin’ painful to me that I persisted and persisted until the video was made… WTF? No one cares… No one… What the crap is my problem?

I spent the day painting summer… an everlasting summer… while Bob Dylan and my kid circled all around me… By the time I was finished, I realized that I did indeed have a ‘chip clip’ holding the hair from my face and that I didn’t feel like going out. So we stayed home.

We ordered The Great Gatsby on Demand… we drank beers and ate cookies… it was awesome. I did not like the movie… I didn’t particularly like the book either… I did however like the idea of an eternal Daisy.

This night though, I was obsessed with the moment that Gatsby dove into the pool. After saying how he hasn’t taken a dip all summer. ALL SUMMER… Oh wait… Daisy was his summer… and Autumn was coming and he finally took the plunge and oh my goodness!!! Oh Gatsby…. couldn’t accept the passing of time…Leaves were going to clog the drains… Oh Gatsby… Oh me, Oh my…. Oh ME… Oh yes, I am Gatsby. I am the one with the infinite Summer in her chest. I am the one painting and knowing…

“You know , old sport, I’ve never used that pool all summer.”

Oh, Crap.
gatsby blog1

I’m feeling all weird now.

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I have begun adding my painting videos to this blog! These are ‘How to’ paint videos for beginners! YAY!!!
I hear so many people say, “I wish I could paint.” I think the problem is that people, including myself, want their work to be ‘technically’ correct… of course… BUT painting is so much more than that. It is to be explored, lived in, apart of us… It is to be fun and happy or stormy and sad. It is a journal and a feeling. It is to be absolutely enjoyed. It is not to be so frustrating that you give up. That is what these videos are for. They are quick little studies that are meant to inspire painting, just painting… music playing, coffee drinking, sun shining, painting…. that’s it! That is what I wish. I wish anyone who desires to paint to do it, regardless of if things look technically correct… I wish people pure happiness and joy in their work, I wish people to pick up a brush and to just paint!!!

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Stormy Wave

Stormy wave4

This video shows how to paint a sky and wave using Oil paint and a layering technique. The canvas needs to be primed and painted with black acrylic to begin. The purpose is to paint freely and have fun. This is a beginner video.

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Foggy Canoe

How to paint a foggy canoe…freakin’ Tchicovski(?) style… Dude… it’s informative if you want to know how to paint fog, oil over acrylic

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Hurricane PARTY Here…. holla!!!

So far, it is all fun and games here… you know, howling back at howling winds… BUT we know how very serious things can get… and we pray for all of those who are in this for the night… God Bless everyone… Be Safe….

Things are picking up here!!! Eeekkk….

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Fall Light

Today, I took a drive… me, camera, coffee, music, kid… it’s how we roll….

Tree lined paths, Pumpkin lined steps to welcoming porches…. Blue pick-ups with trailers of hay, tractors… cottages by rocky rivers with chimneys blowing smoke… warm fires gathering family and friends…

Fall full of Light… I don’t know what this last building is but I think I will paint it…. unless it is an outhouse… which I kinda think it is… not sure if I wanna paint a picture of someone’s pooper.

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I still believe…on debate night 2

Being an American makes me feel free…  it also makes me prone to political fits around Election time… I believe in things. I trust in things.

That is the pleasure and responsibility I feel as an American. How AMAZING it is to have a choice. How Amazing I feel it is to be an American. When the lesser of two ‘evils’ (and I say evils, only in a term of the intensity that is fueled between sides, I believe in no evil) still means I have the fundamental right to believe. To be. Whatever choice we chose to make on Election Day, I will always consider it an absolute amazing right to have a choice in my life. What an amazing gift I was given to Decide what it is I shall do this day, who I will be, how lovely the kindness and respect I will choose on this day to exude. How lovely it is that I shall choose to work, to paint, to raise a child and be a wife as I see fit to grow in this world. It is still fundamentally my right and for that I shall always be thankful… Thankful to believe my life has been given to me as I see fit to live in it… I am ever thankful…

The lovely woman who owned this cottage bought this painting from me. It meant the world to me that she loved the painting as much as I loved painting her home. Her home was freedom for me… A sweet Cottage along a River… A stone Fireplace…. A wooden floor to grow roots under. It is a Dream of mine, and as an American, I feel it is a dream that I can believe in… how lucky I feel. I can believe.


I Believe…

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