Duuun Dun

It was his night to choose…
Blog hat 1
He chose Goldfish for dinner… Labatt’s Ice Pounders for drinks (which I poured into High Life glasses… you know, to class up the night) and Jaws for a movie… I took a break from painting this weekend, we are not getting along lately, painting and I… I’ll try again this week. So I crocheted.
Blog hat 2
And I single crocheted a new hat… around and around… no fuss like painting… just around and around while I ate goldfish and drank beer… around and around until all the yarn was gone…
Blog hat 4
And I tried the hat on my dogs…
Blog hat 5
and I pet the indent between their eyes and kissed their noses and told them over and over how talented they were at wearing hats…
Blog hat 6
Then I realized I should have had more to eat than Goldfish, so I put my new hat on and went to bed…
Blog hat 7
Tea, painting and Edith Wharton novels tomorrow… perhaps (but probably not)…

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