not giving up… starting over

Some days you wake up and stretch and breathe in the new air and say, “Today, I’m going to put in my old OC DVD’s and have a marathon watching, Cocoa Puff eating, awesome painting day!” You do say that, don’t you?
Then nothing works, you are out of paint thinner, your brushes are dirty and you find that you are just not at all invested in the image… Then something amazing happens, while still humming that darn OC ‘California’ theme song, you erase it all. And take a breath.

There is a definite freedom that comes with washing away the dust and dirt of our days… for the possibility of something better. It’s like driving at dusk with the lights of a sparkly city ahead, or the first snow of the season. Yes, Please. Sometimes the excitement of possibility is what we need. And sometimes, on very lucky days, we get to create something amazing on our new blank canvas…
After all, Cocoa Puffs are just as good (maybe better) when staring at a blank canvas and thinking that today could be the perfect day to begin again.

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  1. joyssake says:

    I love you! Mom

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