Oh, Eeyore…

Every year, in September…we go to a Mountain Cabin…
in the woods
on a lake with friends.
cabin painting
Last year when we returned I began a painting… bleh…
cabin painting 001
My husband has wanted me to finish this painting for … oh… a year… now. I’m close to finished just today!

I often think if I cut my head open; the inside must be this desolate, weathered place with an old Eeyore–esque donkey ho-humming as flies circle about his head… There is absolutely no urgency in there…The only reason I picked it back up… I was inspired by fog…
Cabin Painting done
I woke up the last morning of our trip
and the world was new again…
… and from it the most gorgeous day emerged!
Now… if I could finish the painting before next year’s trip, that would be something!
Oh, Eeyore.

That was going to be it for today. I was pushing the Publish button… I took maybe 5 minutes to write this post…
Just heard my kid, “Mama… Pie got on my nose…” I went to investigate… “I was just sniffin’ it!” There was a big nose hole in the top of the Pie… and crackers shoved into it… 5 minutes! Sweet litte Weirdo… I went to wipe his nose with a tissue when I realized he had used them all yesterday to blow the dogs’ noses… all of the tissues in the house. I wonder who lives in his head…

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