Out in it

On my painting easel this week…
Trees… There is something about trees this time of year. I’ve been painting trees and barns and golden sun.The air is chilly and all I want to do is ‘get out in it’ … when I can’t do so, I paint. When I can, we do… get out in it…
Trees Blog2
Out among the trees…
Trees Blog1
Trees Blog 3
I once watched a movie with Jennifer Gardner in it. She wanted a child. She couldn’t have one. She wrote everything she would want in a child on little pieces of paper and planted them in the garden. That night a boy who had leaves growing out of his legs grew from the garden and he was everything that she could have ever wanted. Everything that she had written on the little slips of paper.
I imagine that if I were to write everything I would want in a child down on little slips of paper and planted them in the garden I’d get a child exactly like the one I have… It’s amazing really. I think the first thing I would write would be… an Explorer.

As I walked down the steps the other morning I reheated a cold cup of coffee and I found a half-eaten bowl of oatmeal, a caterpillar in a bug jug (I’m assuming they shared the oatmeal) and a book open to different types of fish that Wyatt is learning about.
Trees Blog4
He was already off exploring…
First fish
Catching his own… Out in it… And then I spit out the coffee because I remember this was definitely not the cup from this morning. Seriously, I need to stop doing that. Then, I went out and joined them.
Out among the trees… Trees paint

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1 Response to Out in it

  1. karen.destefano@penfedrealty.com says:

    I love it! And your right about the air the trees, the golden sun and your son! I love so much that you appreciate ALL of it (except yesterdays coffee)

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