She’s there

Finding a place for the art we make in our lives… Why?

I don’t know why … exactly … I know that in this case, this painting reminds us of our vacation swimming hole… It is beautiful there and so many happy moments have come to be in that place… but there is more…

I know that while watching my two dogs nap beneath this painting that I have just hung in our new house…

I felt the third… My Meeshka in the stars….
She was there when I was painting it… running in a circle at my feet … so alive … so happy.
Blog 3 005

Beneath the brush strokes is her breath… her being.


When I see the work I did while she was alive… I feel her, my sweet baby in the stars.

Why do we find places for the work, the art, we make… because it belongs to us… it belongs in us, to live forever… to remind us that… it… we… they… existed…

that will be my guess.

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1 Response to She’s there

  1. joyssake says:

    Beautiful Jenni!

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