Movie Night Convo… Everlasting Summer

There was to be an ‘End of Summer Soiree’ at the end of the day. We were excited.

I knew that I wanted to paint a wave for my last video post but I needed to know EXACTLY how it worked before I could make a video (last post) explaining how to do it. No biggie… The problem when you marry someone like me is that…


Husband: “Will you be ready by 5 tonight to go?”

Me: “Yes. Of Course … Can’t wait!” (Husband leaves for work)…


Husband: (walks in) “Hey! Ready Dudes?”

Me: (sobbing; child still PJ clad; Dylan records playing) No! I must figure out exactly how a freakin’ wave works!

Husband: “Okay…cool” (Changes kid into clothes, makes dinner, takes picture) “Looks good. By the way, Is that a ‘Chip Clip’ in your hair?”
wave paintings
Yes, I have spent all day painting waves…that no one would care about…. NO ONE…. would care if I didn’t know how a wave worked before we went out. The fact that I couldn’t figure out EXACTLY how to do it was so freakin’ painful to me that I persisted and persisted until the video was made… WTF? No one cares… No one… What the crap is my problem?

I spent the day painting summer… an everlasting summer… while Bob Dylan and my kid circled all around me… By the time I was finished, I realized that I did indeed have a ‘chip clip’ holding the hair from my face and that I didn’t feel like going out. So we stayed home.

We ordered The Great Gatsby on Demand… we drank beers and ate cookies… it was awesome. I did not like the movie… I didn’t particularly like the book either… I did however like the idea of an eternal Daisy.

This night though, I was obsessed with the moment that Gatsby dove into the pool. After saying how he hasn’t taken a dip all summer. ALL SUMMER… Oh wait… Daisy was his summer… and Autumn was coming and he finally took the plunge and oh my goodness!!! Oh Gatsby…. couldn’t accept the passing of time…Leaves were going to clog the drains… Oh Gatsby… Oh me, Oh my…. Oh ME… Oh yes, I am Gatsby. I am the one with the infinite Summer in her chest. I am the one painting and knowing…

“You know , old sport, I’ve never used that pool all summer.”

Oh, Crap.
gatsby blog1

I’m feeling all weird now.

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