I have begun adding my painting videos to this blog! These are ‘How to’ paint videos for beginners! YAY!!!
I hear so many people say, “I wish I could paint.” I think the problem is that people, including myself, want their work to be ‘technically’ correct… of course… BUT painting is so much more than that. It is to be explored, lived in, apart of us… It is to be fun and happy or stormy and sad. It is a journal and a feeling. It is to be absolutely enjoyed. It is not to be so frustrating that you give up. That is what these videos are for. They are quick little studies that are meant to inspire painting, just painting… music playing, coffee drinking, sun shining, painting…. that’s it! That is what I wish. I wish anyone who desires to paint to do it, regardless of if things look technically correct… I wish people pure happiness and joy in their work, I wish people to pick up a brush and to just paint!!!

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