I still believe…on debate night 2

Being an American makes me feel free…  it also makes me prone to political fits around Election time… I believe in things. I trust in things.

That is the pleasure and responsibility I feel as an American. How AMAZING it is to have a choice. How Amazing I feel it is to be an American. When the lesser of two ‘evils’ (and I say evils, only in a term of the intensity that is fueled between sides, I believe in no evil) still means I have the fundamental right to believe. To be. Whatever choice we chose to make on Election Day, I will always consider it an absolute amazing right to have a choice in my life. What an amazing gift I was given to Decide what it is I shall do this day, who I will be, how lovely the kindness and respect I will choose on this day to exude. How lovely it is that I shall choose to work, to paint, to raise a child and be a wife as I see fit to grow in this world. It is still fundamentally my right and for that I shall always be thankful… Thankful to believe my life has been given to me as I see fit to live in it… I am ever thankful…

The lovely woman who owned this cottage bought this painting from me. It meant the world to me that she loved the painting as much as I loved painting her home. Her home was freedom for me… A sweet Cottage along a River… A stone Fireplace…. A wooden floor to grow roots under. It is a Dream of mine, and as an American, I feel it is a dream that I can believe in… how lucky I feel. I can believe.


I Believe…

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