The weather here has been gorgeous! I used to haul my record player outside with my easel and paint… it was lovely. Now the story goes…

“Mama, I wanna go play outside!” Yay, I send Wyatt out, I get my easel, set it up, I get my paints take them out, I get my canvas, I watch as my kid is trying to shove a worm into the front seat of his Lightning McQueen Car… eww… Go to fill mason jar with water and bring it out. Take a breath.. Pick up brush. “Mama, my wormy is seepin and won’t wake up! Wake Up!” Ewww… Realize I just washed my paint brush off in coffee cup, not mason jar… “Mama, I wanna go play inside now” I drink a sip of coffee, remember, spit it out, pack everything up and go inside.

Now I have a plan.

 I bring out his art box and we will do our daily book/art. Then I’ll bring a drawing and some pencils for me. This is a drawing of a boat house in the 1000 Islands… Then he can play with worms and bugs and I can draw… much easier for transport.

He will often bring a ‘sleepin’ wormy over in his tupperware container to draw…

And then…

He will use his cool John Deere excavator… and dig up a new specimen to draw… Oh, Deere.


About afew1000moons

I am an artist and a Mama, just trying to make my way in the world.... Happily I find myself doing so through art and love!
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