Fall Friends

We began the fall season with an amazing trip with friends to a cabin on a lake in the mountains…

I will be painting this scene tomorrow… while drinking a pumpkin latte… yes, summer you were nice but, Autumn… oh, Autumn you are now my only friend…

The weekend was gorgeous, so much beauty in this little world of ours…


We were loving it all…

Every Minute… And then…

The clouds changed and the winds blew in a storm… and it rained, and rained and rained until I found myself…

Surrounded by (mysteriously) empty glasses of tequila and wine… oh, tequila, you and autumn…. my dear sweet friends…

Pumpkin Latte and Paint… my friends for tomorrow!


About afew1000moons

I am an artist and a Mama, just trying to make my way in the world.... Happily I find myself doing so through art and love!
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One Response to Fall Friends

  1. Karen destefano says:

    Oh NO! Not tequila!

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