September Rain

It has rained here everyday of this new month. I know so many in and around where Hurricane Issac hit are currently devastated so I will put my poo-poo,  stomp-stomp, rainy day blues away… and put on my happy face. Living on a river as we do, we have endured flooding and it is awful, complete helpless turmoil… Prayers from us to those in need right now.

Since it has been so wet… I decided to embrace it and finally photograph my Ship painting for Etsy. I love it. It makes me happy and reminds me to traverse life as a ship traverses the waters of the Saint Lawrence; steady, happily moving forward. It reminds me to get out there, see as much as I can, be apart of as much as I can. To travel with it all, fully engaged and steaming ahead.


Cuddled on the couch as rain splashes against the window and my child plays drums with my crochet hooks and some bowls… Lovely, need Advil, but lovely.


About afew1000moons

I am an artist and a Mama, just trying to make my way in the world.... Happily I find myself doing so through art and love!
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