A Bad Mamma Jamma

I THINK this Bad Mamma Jamma is finished… She’s a BIG Painting… Like 4 feet by 3 or so…

Here she sits.

As do I…

I Think I Love her…

A Ship in Port is Safe…But that’s not what ships are built for….

In real life she is so pretty, not in picture life… will change that tomorrow …

But for now… This Mama, in her Jammas, is sleepy and happy… and has already seen this episode of House Hunters and is going to sleep… happy….

Tomorrow, I shall paint again! 🙂


About afew1000moons

I am an artist and a Mama, just trying to make my way in the world.... Happily I find myself doing so through art and love!
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One Response to A Bad Mamma Jamma

  1. Casey says:

    I absolutely love it Jenni!!! You are such a wonderful artist. ❤

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