So the temps this weekend are supposed to dip into the 50’s… 50’s in the middle of August… whaaa? This is amazing news for a campfire lovin’ girl… the smell of fall. Yes, Please!

So, on the radio today the newsmen projected an active winter for the Northeast… active is radio talk for snow in my dictionary and the only thing this girl loves more than campfire falls is snowy winters. Just try to get me out of a bar in February with the local drunks sitting next to me trying to ‘decode’ how many feet of snow we are getting from the ‘weather on the eights’… ummm freakin’ priceless…

So, busy I became making snowy weather gear! In August… whateves…

First up…

An Infinity Scarf…

Yup, Buy me a beer and turn on the weather channel… I’m ready.


About afew1000moons

I am an artist and a Mama, just trying to make my way in the world.... Happily I find myself doing so through art and love!
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